"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions."
Quote of the Day – Augusten Burroughs

This Ted Cruz Speech on Mitch McConnell Over Ex-Im is Brilliant

Kudos to Senator Ted Cruz here for a brilliant speech and calling out Senator Mitch McConnell on the corrupt Ex-Im Bank.

How to Destroy Your Old Cell Phone with Sen. Lindsay Graham

Everyone has an old cell phone they need to get rid of. Senator Lindsay Graham shows off a few ways to get rid of an old cell phone. Well done IJ Review, well done.

John Kerry Flip Flops on Iran Deal

John Kerry said the goal of the negotiations was never to dismantle Iran’s entire nuclear program but rather to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons, despite saying in 2013 the 'whole point' of sanctions was to get Iran to “dismantle its nuclear program.

"Nobody who ever gave their best regretted it."
Quote of the Day – George Halas


Detroit VA Hospital Like a ‘Third World Country’ Say Protesters

Whenever I see something like this, it makes me mad. As a vet, I could have FREE medical care however, I know how badly screwed up VA medical care is and choose to get medical insurance from my employer. Donald Trump says he wants to help vets. Where is his plan to make things better at VA hospitals? These protesters would probably like to know...