A Washington Redskins PSA (Video)

Local comedian and avid Washington Redskins fan, Danny Rouhier, brings the fan base a Week 7 Redskins PSA... from the heart.

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Warning: Hackers May Use Wi-Fi To Target Your Laptop (Video)

While it’s tempting to log on especially when the Wi-Fi is free, computer experts say many Wi-Fi networks lack adequate security. In some cases hackers will “spoof” or “copy” a legitimate network, something called “the evil twin.” It essentially tricks you into thinking its secure and it’s not. The gang at My Fox DC reports [...]

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Jeff Schultz Meet Jeff Schultz (OJS)

Nice story on Washington Capitals defenseman Jeff Schultz from Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Go Caps!

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Jack’s Back! Season 8 of 24 Starts Soon (Video)

24 comes back in an explosive way on January 17, 2010. The just released trailer is below. Looks like a retired Jack gets dragged back into duty and is joined in his quest again by Chloe O'Brian (who is sporting some serious sexy hair!), Renee Walker, & Elisha Cuthbert (not to mention Freddie Prize Jr [...]

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Cash For Clunkers: $24K Per Car

What's that you say? You only got $4,500 at the dealer? True, but the government bureaucracy in Washington added another $20,000 per car to the cost: A total of 690,000 new vehicles were sold under the Cash for Clunkers program last summer, but only 125,000 of those were vehicles that would not have been sold [...]

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Watch the U2 Concert Webcast (Video)

You can watch the rebroadcast of U2's performance from last night's Rose Bowl concert on the band's official YouTube channel. Highlights from the tour are above. The band has also announced new concert dates in the US in 2010.

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John Riggins: Has Danny Made-off?

NFL Hall of Famer John Riggins has a new video out on his YouTube channel on Zorn and the bully! The bully being Dan Snyder, calling him the 'BM' of the NFL (Bernie Madoff). As always, John is right on target. Watch the last part of the video with John talking about the small prison. [...]

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