Howard Dean: No Reform In Health Care Bill

Howard Dean, who earlier this year told Congressman Jim Moran's townhall audience: “Here is why tort reform is not in the bill. When you go to pass a really enormous bill like that the more stuff you put in, the more enemies you make, right? And the reason why tort reform is not in the [...]

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Tiger Woods: Seeing Another Woman??

TMZ is out with details on Tiger Woods' early morning car crash that you won't find in the mainstream media. TMZ notes the facial lacerations suffered by Tiger may have been inflicted by his wife when she confronted him about seeing another woman: Tiger Woods did not suffer facial lacerations from a car accident. They [...]

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When The Salahi’s Met Barack Obama

When Michaele Salahi Met President Obama Originally uploaded by The White House The Guardian is out with the photograph of Michaele Salahi meeting Barack Obama. From their post: The socialite couple who gatecrashed a White House dinner, duping the world's most sophisticated security service, may face criminal charges for the stunt. News of potential charges [...]

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Giving Thanks To Our Troops (Video)

This holiday season, as President Reagan pointed out, one thing I am thankful for is our freedom and liberty that we enjoy in the USA. We have our troops to thank for that. This holiday season, consider supporting our troops through the Bob Woodruff Foundation's program ReMIND. Walmart also has a way you can show [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends! Here is a fantastic Thanksgiving Day message from former President Ronald Reagan.

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R.I.P. Abe Pollin (Video)

Heard the sad news yesterday about Abe Pollin. Abe loved three things: the Washington, DC area, the Washington Bullets/Wizards and the Washington Capitals. Years ago, Abe sold off the Capitals to Ted Leonsis and remained the majority owner of the Wizards. Abe's dream was for the Wizards to win one more NBA championship. Since that [...]

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Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street! (Video)

Saw this over on HotAir. Nobody does Queen better than the Muppets. Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street!

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