Gov. Christie: The Day Of Reckoning Is Here (Video)

Governor Chris Christie gives remarks about accountability while at a Town Hall Meeting in Perth Amboy, N.J. on Tuesday, June 15, 2010. He tells the audience why he ran for Governor and explains to the audience that the day of reckoning is here:

This guy is definitely the type of leader that we need in this country but, like Allahpundit wonders, it is probably too soon for him to consider a Presidential run:

If you’re Christie, what’s the lure of winning the presidency in two years only to end up locked in a stalemate with a reluctant Congress over reforming social security? Granted, he’s up against an entrenched legislature in Jersey too, but freezing teachers’ pay for a year is one thing and getting the country to sign on to revamping Medicare is quite another. Plus, why challenge a Democratic incumbent when you can wait until 2016 (assuming Obama’s reelected) and face an open field?

While you’re at it, take the poll over on Hot Air as to whether or not Christie should run in 2012.

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