111th Congress Adds More Debt Than 1st 100 Congresses COMBINED

The liberals have touted the 111th Congress as the most productive since the Great Society or even the New Deal. Whether or not you think the 111th Congress was productive or not, there is one thing this Congress will be remembered for – adding more debt onto our backs than EVER before. CNS News, which does the job the regular mainstream news media refuses to do, notes the the 11th Congress has added more to the national debt than the

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‘Nonpartisan’ Chris Matthews Slams Christine O’Donnell (Video)

Via Newsbusters, Chris Matthews congratulates Chris Coons on his victory over Christine O’Donnell saying ‘thank you for beating Christine O`Donnell. That was an important election, I think, for life on this planet.’ Remember, Chris Matthews has said he believes ‘Hardball’ is nonpartisan. http://www.eyeblast.tv/public/eyeblast.swf?v=hd6U8zprIr&c1=0x8CA2B9&c2=0x385E87

Facebook On Track For $2 Billion In Revenue

Bloomberg reports that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook will probably bring in about $2 billion in revenue this year. That’s more than twice what Facebook made in 2009 and more than it was initially projected to make in 2010. Looks like the person of the year is having a pretty good year all around.