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A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.
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Archive for February, 2011

This is quite possibly the greatest palate cleanser of all-time and a MUST watch. It’s a fake but well worth the 6:00 minutes of your time.

They went to the house of this guy’s MOTHER. And the left says the tea party is hostile? Puhleeez. Amplify’d from www.nationalreview.com Idaho has a “superintendent of public instruction,” and his name is Tom Luna. He has proposed some measures that the teachers’ union doesn’t like, at all. And his opponents have made sure that he feels good and threatened. Someone went to his mother’s house — his mother’s. Someone Read More...

A great look at President Obama’s budget by Andrew Stiles at National Review. Amplify’d from www.nationalreview.com Here is President Obama’s budget for fiscal year 2012 (and outlook through 2021). And here is a look at some of the numbers that stand out: $3.73 trillion — total spending this year (25 percent of GDP, highest levels since World War Two). $46 trillion — total spending over the next decade. $8.7 trillion Read More...

The Best 2011 Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

The gang at Business Insider have put together a collection of the 24 best Super Bowl commercials viewers will see on Sunday. From the site: So instead of waiting until Sunday � when everyone at your party will only distract you from the commercials that everyone will be talking about at work on Monday � check them out now and tell us your favorites. (We�ve also included some �teaser� ads Read More...

This caught my eye while reading Dr. Mark Perry’s fantastic blog Carpe Diem. CNN Money reports on how your smart phone (I have an iPhone) is quickly becoming your wallet. They take a look at some of the available apps out there that help you do that. I have used the Starbucks app which is really, really cool. “Credit cards may soon be as outdated as vinyl records. (Remember those?) Read More...