The Facts About Israel’s Borders In Five Minutes (Video)

You won't hear about any of this on the main stream media. (H/T

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Awesome Video Of The Day: A-10 Takes Out Taliban Biker Gang

(H/T Weasel Zippers)

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Katie Couric’s Final Long Farewell (Video)

On Katie Couric's final broadcast for the CBS Evening News Thursday night, she presented a montage of her five years in the anchor chair before she said good night one final time. (Video via

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Photo Of The Day: Amazing Photo Of Space Shuttle Endeavour Above The Clouds

An amazing photo is going viral on Twitter today of the Space Shuttle Endeavour on its final voyage as it travels above the clouds toward outer space. CBS News has the story behind the photo from Twitter user @Stefmara hereĀ at this link. (H/T Rick Moore @

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SNL Takes On Obama’s Victory Lap Over Osama Bin Laden’s Death (Video)

Comedy is always at its finest when it "spoofs" on the truth. This was very funny and got hit out of the park by the SNL gang. Enjoy.

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Greatest Lacrosse Goal Of All-Time?

Saw this on ESPN's Sportscenter. The video's going viral now with 500,000 views and rising. In the recent 2011 WCAC Final Gonzaga vs Good Counsel, Defenseman Matt Borda shoots from behind his own goal to secure a win for the Gonzaga Eagles with 10 seconds remaining as they won their second straight WCAC title in [...]

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Good Luck Charles McCord (Video)

Watch the latest video at I was very sad this morning turning on Fox Business to watch Imus In The Morning (still don't get it on radio in D.C. but that's another matter...) and not seeing Charles McCord there as he announced his retirement last month. But, there will always be this terrific 'Salute [...]

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