Jim Moran Wants Clean debt Ceiling Vote – Oh Really? (Video)

My Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA 8 ), has advocated for a ‘clean’ debt ceiling vote. So, in essnce, Congressman Moran wants to continue to enslave your kids and mine in debt. If nothing is done, no actual spending cuts are made, and spending like drunken sailors is allowed to continue, then our kids will be paying upwards of 80% of their income in taxes. I don’t want that for my child and I hope you don’t either.  

Here’s Hugh Jidette below, who looks eerily similar to our Congressman, explaining why the debt ceiling should be raised.

America faces a growing crisis — our $14 trillion federal debt is expected to grow to astonishing levels in future years, threatening the economic health of our nation, and particularly our nation’s most vulnerable citizens and especially the next generation who will inherit our debt. But if we act now to put together a plan for our fiscal future ­– and if we work together across party lines to implement it – we can start to fix the problem, live within our means and create a better nation for our kids.

Hugh Jidette isn’t real but our national debt is. If you care about your kids future (Jim Moran doesn’t), visit OweNo.com to learn more.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/18103371 w=400&h=225]
Number One from Hugh Jidette on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Thank you Smitty for the link!


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