Lawrence O’Donnell Loses It Over Newsweek’s Sarah Palin Cover Story (Video)

Noted socialist Lawrence ‘Larry’ O’Donnell on his ‘Last Word’ program on MSDNC, ripped into Newsweek over their Sarah Palin cover story (Gee Larry, you think they did it because she sells magazines??). He takes it about as well as can be expected as from the looks of things, it’s apparent Larry is suffering a bit of PDS.

Frances Martel at Mediaite writes:

In attacking Newsweek, O’Donnell even went out of his way to compliment Palin in a way she rarely hears from his side of the aisle: “She knows she’s lying when she says ‘I can win’– she’s smart enough to know.” “Newsweek does everything to make the madness of Sarah Palin sound reasonable,” he notes, ripping through sentence after sentence of what he called “the softest treatment the Lamestream Media ever has [given her].” He went on to attack its “pathetic pro-Palin tilt” and “utterly absurdist” conclusions, and conclude that Newsweek negotiated a deal with Palin to put her on the front page in exchange for access, which they feared they could lose if Palin didn’t “trust” them.


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