One Reason the Post Office Is Having Money Problems

The results of a recent USPS audit are in and it turns out that thanks to the contract with the union, the USPS spent $4.3 million on employees doing nothing. Politico reports: The U.S. Postal Service, which expects to lose $7 billion this year, spent $4.3 million on employees who did nothing in the first half of the year because of requirements in union agreements, an audit found. The amount paid for so-called “stand-by time” has “significantly decreased,” down tens

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George Will: Obama’s Blamed Everyone But James Madison For His Problems (Video)

George Will explained to the panel on ABC’s This Week yesterday that Obama has blamed everyone for his economic problems but James Madison. He didn’t hit Obama nearly as hard as Investors Business Daily did over the weekend though. (Video via Breitbart TV)

Another Bailout For Wall Street?

It could possibly happen. Just like the crisis that happened in 2007-2008, this bailout could come from too much Government involvement in Wall Street once again. Jeffrey Anderson at the Weekly Standard explains: In the Washington Post, Camden Fine, president and chief executive of the Independent Community Bankers of America, writes, “I was astounded this month when the Federal Reserve announced its intention to keep interest rates at zero percent for at least the next two years. I kept staring at

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Video: Juan Williams Thinks Rick Perry Can’t Compare To Obama When It Comes To Job Creation

Seriously? Seriously. Juan Williams spouts this babble/talking points even though the liberal media has shown that Texas under Governor Rick Perry’s stewardship, has created twice as many jobs as any other state – with half of all new jobs being created in Texas the last two years. Jim Hoft at Human Events writes: Under the Obama Administration at least 3.3 million Americans have lost their job, millions of Americans gave up looking for a job and Obama’s jobs record is worst of any president since the

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Photo Of The Day: Sentinel Guarding Tomb Of Unknown Soldier Through Hurricane Irene

From the @USArmy tweet: A lone Tomb Sentinel, @The_Old_Guard, walks his tour in humble reverence during Hurricane #Irene at @ArlingtonNatl – ABC News reported: While Hurricane Irene bears down on much of the mid Atlantic states on its way north, and residents of the Washington, D.C. area have been advised to remain indoors, the elite soldiers who are the sentinels at Arlington Cemetery’s Tomb of the Unknowns remain at their posts. Since taking over the mission on April 6, 1948, Tomb

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