Chris Wallace Calls Out Mitt Romney (Video)

If Mitt Romney isn't ready to sit down with the Sunday talk shows, he can't possibly be ready to be President. Politico wrote: Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace publicly called out Mitt Romney this morning for avoiding press scrutiny. At the end of a 26-minute interview with Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Austin, Wallace [...]

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Jon Huntsman’s Daughters Parody Of Herman Cain Ad (Video)

Herman Cain's ad with his Chief of Staff Mark Block was sheer brilliance. You can find the ad at this link. The ad has helped Mr. Cain rake in the dollars in October, now his best fundraising month to date. Mark Block explained the message behind the ad at this link. Now, Jon Huntsman's daughters [...]

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I subscribe to The Patriot Post, a concise, informative and entertaining analysis of the week's most important news, policy and opinion delivered to my e-mail inbox at no charge. I strongly recommend you do the same! Also take advantage of the the best conservative opinion and handpicked headlines, posted daily on their Web site. Subscribe to The [...]

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Movie To See This Weekend – The Mighty Macs

I don't know about you, but I love it when Hollywood makes films like this. 'The Mighty Macs' is based on the true story of Cathy Rush and the Immaculata College girls basketball team. ESPN highlighted this Immaculata College women's team in an excellent segment which you can find at this link. See you at [...]

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All Aboard The 7th Annual Santa Railway Express!

Departing from Alexandria's Union Station this December. Whistle Stop Hobbies along with Hooray For Books! and Historic Manassas invite you to ride the rails with Santa Claus. See the enclosed flyer for more information. Get your tickets now & I hope to see you on board! 7th Annual Santa Railway Express

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