Oorah! Two Marines Take Out Home Burglars

Two Camp Lejeune Marines returned home early Sunday morning to find two men in their house. The intruders didn't make it out of the house alive.

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Are You Ready For The Titanic II?

Coming in 2016. Via Fox News: An Australian billionaire has announced the construction of the Titanic II: a replica of the iconic ship with the same dimensions, rooms and smokestacks, but with a 21st-century interior makeover. Weeks after the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the original Titanic, Clive Palmer said Monday he has signed [...]

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Senator Mark Warner & Fellow Democrats Celebrate Three Years Without A Budget (Video)

Can you imagine if the Republicans were in charge and the outrage there would be from Democrats if Senate Republicans went three years without passing a budget? Hugh Jidette explains what President Barack Obama's campaign slogan should be in the video above.

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Five Myths About Conservative Voters

Great read from Frank Luntz in today's op-ed section of The Washington Post. Click on the title for this MUST read.

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Entitlement Spending To Nearly Double By 2050

I am fighting big Government for my kids who will be saddled with an overwhelming debt burden and even more massive BIG Government if we do nothing now. Federal entitlement spending is no exception. Entitlement spending (Social Security, Medicare, etc) will double in the future if nothing is done now.

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Cartoon Of the Day – Student Loans

Via Rick Moore @ HolyCoast.com, the cartoon is in reference to the fact that Democrats, not the big bad Republicans as President Obama has explained on the campaign trail, are to blame for student loan interest rates doubling this summer.

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Jimmy Kimmel Kills It At The White House Correspondents Dinner (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel proves he's one of the best comedians in the business at the annual White House correspondents dinner.

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