John Stossel: ‘Thank God We’ve Had An EPA’ (Video)

I can agree with this assessment but, doesn’t Mr. Stossel believe the EPA gotten too big for its britches also?

Via The Daily Caller:

Libertarian Fox Business Network host John Stossel says that though he wants a limited government, that certainly doesn’t mean he wants no government. He even thinks the EPA is necessary.

“We need some government,” Stossel explained to The Daily Caller.

“We need defense, it’s in the Constitution that they should run the courts, we need government to keep our person and property safe.”

“I would go farther and say we need an EPA in that the founders never thought about that, but there is no market incentive to behave well,” Stossel went on. “My smoke goes to your lungs, my sewage goes to your drinking water. And thank God we’ve had an EPA because when I was your age you couldn’t open a window in New York because black soot would come in. … The air and water are cleaner then they used to be.”


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