Newspaper Circulation Slips Further

How soon before all newspapers move online? Click this link to view the latest data at the Wall Street Journal (subscription required).

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Al Gore Blames Hurricane Sandy On Global Warming

Considering that the East Coast has been experiencing lower than normal temperatures this fall, this statement is idiotic to say the least.

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Satellite Photo of MASSIVE Hurricane Sandy From Space

In a word, WOW.

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Here Comes Windows 8! (Video)

Microsoft released the all new Windows 8 to the general public yesterday.

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Adorable Duckling Goes For A Run With Human BFF

See more great videos like this at

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American Hero 2012 (Video)

America doesn't need more broken promises like President Obama has delivered. America needs heroes. Here's a great video from MastadonArmy on that very subject. Now more than ever America needs a hero. One who has the power to change it back. That hero, That voice, Is YOU! AMERICA NEEDS HEROES VOTE NOVEMBER 6th

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The Redskins Are Ranked No. 1 in Watchability

Great read at Click this link to read it. (H/T Dan)

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