Richard Wolffe On MSNBC Just Doesn’t Get It (Video)

Former Newsweek journalist and current editor Richard Wolffe was on last night’s Hardball with Chris Matthews where he smeared Senator John McCain. Wolffe claims Senator McCain is going after U.N. Ambassador because she’s black.

It couldn’t possibly be because the White House had her go on the Sunday talk shows and lie about the Benghazi, Libya incident.

Via Newsbusters

RICHARD WOLFFE: I think it’s Susan Rice. There is the question about John Kerry. But I think now that John McCain has sunk his teeth in, he’s made it about presidential authority, and, frankly, it’s outrageous that there is this witch hunt going on the right about these people of color, let’s face it, around this president. Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, now Susan Rice. Before it was Van Jones. This is not about who is hawkish in the same way John McCain is about foreign policy because if you look at Iran and Libya, Susan Rice checks those boxes. This is a personal vendetta. It’s about presidential authority.

MATTHEWS: So, you think McCain is being– McCain and people like Lindsey Graham, McCain, who had his own daughter attacked, was accused of having an illegitimate child when, in fact, he adopted a young girl from South Asia. You’re saying that McCain’s being driven by racial prejudice here?

WOLFFE: There is no other way to look at this because look at her foreign policy and by the way, Look at what John McCain said about Condi Rice’s nomination. We’re running this story on the front page of the MSNBC website right now. Back then– four years– eight years ago, John McCain said the people — the Democrats who were questioning Condi Rice’s credentials they were engaged with bitter innocence, they needed to move on. Why has he changed his tune? What is it about Susan Rice? And the answer is there aren’t any good foreign policy explanations for it.

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The Benghazi 4 deserve better.


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