Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

A great read over at TIME magazine from Steven Brill on why medical bills are killing us. Click this link to read it. Related articles Tonight on AC360: The extraordinary cost of getting sick in America (ac360.blogs.cnn.com) Medical Freedom (personalliberty.com) Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us | Steven Brill | Time | 20 February 2013 [...]

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Fans Rejoice Over Maryland Beating Duke (Video)

Oh, how I wish I had been there. What a game. (Video h/t WaPo) Related articles Terps Beat No. 2 Duke 83-81, Fans Storm Court (baltimorenewsjournal.com) Duke vs. Maryland: Twitter Reaction, Postgame Recap and Analysis (bleacherreport.com) Maryland Beats Duke 83-81: No. 2 Blue Devils Fall To Terps (VIDEO) (huffingtonpost.com) Don't be concerned about Duke following [...]

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Donald Trump Calls Beyonce A ‘National Scandal’

Good to see someone calling her out for her performance. I don't think it rates the label of 'national scandal'. Inappropriate is much more like it. My four-year-old son asked me during Beyonce's performance 'Is that how you have sex??' Via The Daily Mail Media mogul Donald Trump slammed Beyonce's Super Bowl performance as 'ridiculous' [...]

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