Interested In Being A Racing President? (Video)

The Washington Nationals are hosting tryouts/auditions next week for the 2013 Racing Presidents. If you go, I hope you fare better than the person in the Jefferson costume in the video above.

The Washington Nationals are looking for a few people to suit up with the team.

The Nationals don’t need players. They’re looking for people who want to portray the team’s costumed presidents who have raced against one another in the fourth inning since 2006.

Applications are due by Feb. 20. Auditions are March 2.

The team’s mascots started out as the four presidents found on Mount Rushmore: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Last season Roosevelt won the fourth-inning race for the first time. The team said in January that a William Howard Taft will join the race this season.

Potential mascots have to be able to run from center field to home plate in 40 seconds and wear a 45 pound costume for several hours.

Personally, I’m interested to see how fast William Howard Taft can run considering he was a pretty big guy like me.