Anchorman 2 – A Movie Review (Video)

by Lee Hernly

I took my wife to see this movie last night at the terrific AMC Hoffman 22 theater in Alexandria. If you’re a fan of the first Anchorman than you’ll like this movie. If only because you get to revisit these classically funny characters.

Comedy sequels like Anchorman 2 almost never match the greatness of the first but, the movie does a fine job. The movie is about Ron Burgundy getting redemption and was one of the funniest movies I have watched this year. In fact, my wife is still giggling about the Christina Applegate character Victoria’s confrontation with Ron Burgundy’s lady boss near the end of the movie. I also tremendously enjoyed the music in the movie.

The acting is great and a vast majority of the jokes work. Get ready for some really funny cameos in the film (won’t spoil them here). The only negative I have with it is that it felt like the movie ran a little long.

IMHO, I would rate this movie as a ‘Must Go’.

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