Does Ed Schultz Really Mean What He Says? No. (Video)

by Lee Hernly

Ed Schultz, on his radio program and MSNBC MSDNC gig, portrays himself as a ‘man of the people’ (see his own words in the video above via WFB).

Except that he’s not given that he flies around on private jets and is a tax-dodger (hey if Warren Buffett does it…). He’s nothing more than a big, fat, red-headed hypocrite.

MSNBC host Ed Schultz didn’t pay for his workers’ health insurance despite advocating for single payer health care.

Schultz also supports higher taxes on the rich but structures his companies to avoid them and got in trouble over delinquent taxes for one of his companies.

And while the populist pundit opposes government bailouts for corporations, he supports them for the unions that give him money.

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