Philadelphia Goes Gaga for Tim Tebow

This may turn out to be the best free agent signing in the NFL for 2015-2016. Tim Tebow is a winner and a warrior who will fight 60 minutes. He may not be the most accurate but, he can do it when it counts.

Tebow has been working on his delivery and seems to be in a great spot in an offense designed perfectly for him. Given Sam Bradford’s injury history…

Via AP

When Tim Tebow completes a pass or takes off running with the football, fans watching the Philadelphia Eagles practice cheer loudly and reporters quickly post about it on social media.

Few, if any, players fighting for a roster spot ever drew more attention.

Tebow is back after sitting out two seasons and competing for a job as the No. 3 quarterback. His passing skills have improved and everyone is eager to see how innovative coach Chip Kelly plans to use him.

“Tim obviously has a lot of skills that other quarterbacks don’t have because of his ability to run the football,” Kelly said. “But we haven’t delved into any of that.”

Tebow will get a chance to show his skills Sunday when the Eagles host the Indianapolis Colts. He’s been impressive and sometimes erratic during training camp.

With Tebow, it’s not always pretty. But he often finds a way to win.

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