The View Hosts: Obama Administration was Scandal Free

Via Newsbusters, in a discussion on ABC’s ‘The View’ centered around the Liberal talking point of the Trump administration security clearances ‘scandal’, Liberal hosts claimed the Obama administration was scandal free (including the nit-witted Ana Navarro & Joy Behar).

This is so far from the truth. Thankfully, Meghan McCain was having none of it.

Here is a list of nine (9) of the scandals during the Obama administration. The great Keith Kofler compiled twenty-two (22) of them in a book – The Obama Scandals: The 22 Worst Outrages of the Obama Administration. While I despise Mr. Trump as much as Meghan McCain does, Mr. Trump does have the right to grant and/or revoke security clearances as he is the declassifier-in-chief.


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