Pete Buttigieg Calls Indiana Residents Bullies (Video)

In an interview with the Washington Post’s Robert Costa, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg appeared to be disgusted and embarrassed by his association with the state of Indiana.

Buttigieg, a Democratic Party candidate for President, said that he’s prepared to deal with President Trump on the debate stage because he has a “familiarity dealing with bullies.” Adding that “I am gay, I am from Indiana,” insinuating that voters from his home state are prone to bully LGBT individuals.

Given Costa’s credentials, I must say I am shocked he did not follow up on this statement by Mayor Buttigieg. Now that Costa works for the Washington Post, this is not surprising.

Exit question – is the Midwest infested with bullies? If so, why is the lame-stream media not reporting on it?


Lee Hernly

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