#MusicMonday – Mary Chapin Carpenter ‘Passionate Kisses’ (Video)

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Quote Of the Day – Albert Einstein

- Albert Einstein (Via Facebook)

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Holtbyisms (Video)

Braden Holtby's stellar play in goal is one reason the Caps find themselves tied at 2-2 in the second round of this year's Stanley Cup. Goalie Braden Holtby has a whole routine that he does every single game. Here is a video with clips from different videos showing some of his routines. Let's Go Caps! [...]

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One Reason The Baltimore Orioles Are In First Place

Not sure if the logo by itself is the chief reason but, it's interesting nonetheless. Click the link above to see the comparison. I would also point out that the Orioles have one of the best manager's in baseball and FINALLY some decent pitching too.

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Tom Brokaw Is 150% Right

Tom Brokaw says the White House Correspondents Dinner has grown too big for its britches. Glitz,glamour,TV stars, the press acting like the 1%? It should definitely be open for change.

The one side Mr. Brokaw fails to mention though is the fact that the Correspondents Association, during the dinner, raises money for scholarships. Ed Henry, incoming Association President, has been all over this on Twitter.

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Love This Bumper Sticker – ‘Osama Bin Gotten’

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How The CIA Broke KSM

Great piece in the NY Post from Gary Buiso.

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