CNN Experiencing Lowest Ratings In 10 Years

April saw CNN experience its lowest-rated month in over 10 years, with the network bringing in an average of only 357,000 viewers. As the New York Times‘ Brian Stelter reports, much of CNN’s ratings struggles are attributed with its having to contend with two other cable news networks that provide a clear political point of view. And it would appear that nothing brings people together in front of a television set quite like partisan politics.

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Jeff Nelson Replaces Jerry Meals With Worst Umpire Call Ever (Video)

Via the D.C. Sports Bog, from Tuesday's Diamondbacks/Nationals game, Bryce Harper made an amazing throw home from deep left field on a sacrifice fly. As Dan Steinberg notes in an enlarged photo (see bottom of his post), Harper got his man and Jeff Nelson made a really bad call at home plate. Move over Jerry Meals, Jeff Nelson just took your spot.

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Bruce Boudreau Speaks About Dale Hunter

The former Coach of the Washington Capitals talks about the Caps in his Stanley Cup playoffs blog, specifically Coach Dale Hunter & Alex Ovechkin.

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Cartoon Of The Day – Obama’s Bin Laden Trophy

As usual, the awesome Rick McKee at the Augusta Chronicle hits the nail on the head. Here, he takes on President Obama for spiking the Bin Laden football for himself.

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Is The Occupy Wall Street Flame Flickering Out? (Video)

Via Newsy, Occupy Wall Street protests are back in the headlines but, how much influence does the protest have?

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The Explosive Growth Of Instagram (Infographic)

Pretty interesting article on one of social media's hottest properties. Click the link above to read why Facebook bought Instagram for a cool $1 billion dollars.

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NY Mom Fired After Donating Kidney To Help Boss

Something tells me, there's more to this story...

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