Cartoon Of the Day – Student Loans

Via Rick Moore @, the cartoon is in reference to the fact that Democrats, not the big bad Republicans as President Obama has explained on the campaign trail, are to blame for student loan interest rates doubling this summer.

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Jimmy Kimmel Kills It At The White House Correspondents Dinner (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel proves he's one of the best comedians in the business at the annual White House correspondents dinner.

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Good News: 1 World Trade Center To Reclaim The Manhattan Skyline

FINALLY. Via the New York Times: If the winds are forgiving enough over Lower Manhattan — up where workers can see the whole outline of the island’s tip — a steel column will be hoisted into place Monday afternoon atop the exoskeleton of 1 World Trade Center and New York will have a new tallest [...]

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No More Happy Hour In NYC?

Remember when Jerry Glanville famously said the NFL was the 'No Fun League?' The city of New York is on the precipice of becoming the 'No Fun City' as the City's Department of Health is looking to outlaw Happy Hour specials. Via the New York Post: Happy hour in the city could end if Department [...]

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If The Brooks Laich/Jason Chimera Goal Doesn’t Make Sportscenter Top Ten … (Video)

If this Brooks Laich to Jason Chimera bang bang play doesn't make Sportscenter's top ten... there's just no justice in the world. IMHO, one of the best Washington Capitals plays of the year occurred at the end of the second period in a 3-1 loss to the New York Rangers in game 1 today.

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Joe Biden Says Obama’s Got A ‘Big Stick’ (Video)

It was a speech meant to speak to the strengths of President Barack Obama's foreign policy. But Vice President Joe Biden's comments, quoting Teddy Roosevelt, elicited more giggles than praise. CBS has that moment.

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Robert Griffin III Is Ready To Make An Impact In Washington, DC (Video)

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio caught up with the newest Washington Redskin back stage at the 2012 NFL draft. Welcome to Washington RGIII !

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