Mark Levin Irate Over George Zimmerman Prosecutor (Video)

Angela Corey and her team MUST prove that George Zimmerman got out of his vehicle on February 26 with the intent to kill. However, this recently released image seems to back up George Zimmerman's case that Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman. Considering that the prosecutions own investigator can't determine who started the altercation, the prosecution should have charged Zimmerman with manslaughter.

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Is The Entitlement Society Strangling The U.S. Economy? (Video)

I normally don't watch Bill O'Reilly but, this is a great talking points segment.

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CNN’s Don Lemon Lectures Barack Obama (Video)

For once, I agree with an anchor on CNN. Great rant by anchor Don Lemon that aired late night on Monday.

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Spirit Airlines Takes Advantage Of Secret Service Scandal

Spirit Airlines is using a string of bad headlines for the Obama administration to entice passengers to buy airplane tickets. offer 'more bang for your buck.'

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Mitt Romney: ‘Under Barack Obama, Median Income Has Dropped By 10%’ (Video)

One reason I am voting for Romney if he is the GOP nominee.

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Tweet Of The Day – Braden Holtby’s Stats

Via Japers Rink, let's hope the Holtby magic continues tomorrow night in game 7.

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Great Piece On Karl Alzner On

Nice piece on Karl Alzner, one of the NHL's most underrated defensemen, written by the great Corey Masisak at Thank you.

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