Video: Milton Friedman on Taxes, Minimum Wage, and More

In the video above, Milton Friedman discusses the fallacy of doing good with other people’s money. He also explains how that means that the welfare state at its core is a philosophy of violence and coercion.

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Why So Many Millennials Are Socialists

Great read at the Federalist that explains why so many young people (millennials) find socialism appealing these days. As the post points out, millennials little idea what socialism has meant for countries in the modern world. Click this link to read it. Well worth a couple of minutes.

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An all-star homecoming for Nashville’s best buddy, Barry Trotz

Great read at the Washington Post from Dan Steinberg on a terrific organization, Best Buddies, that Washington Capitals Coach Barry Trotz remains involved with. It's well worth a read. Click the link above to read about it.

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Why Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate Matters

John Schindler, writing in the New York Observer, explains why Hillary Clinton's EmailGate is a HUGE issue. It's a great read. Click the link above to read it.

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Senator Ben Sasse Defines Conservatism on MSNBC

Appearing on MSNBC Friday, Senator Ben Sasse, R-Neb., was asked to define what conservatism is. Best definition I have heard by anyone. No wonder this guy is considered a 'Rising Star' in political circles.

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Stephen Colbert’s Trump vs Trump Debate is Pretty Awesome

Since Donald Trump dropped out of Fox News' final GOP debate, Stephen Colbert decided to hold the classiest, Trumpiest debate of all time on The Late Show.

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Remembering the 1986 Challenger disaster, 30 years later

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the 1986 Challenger disaster. Seventy-three seconds after launch, the shuttle exploded. All seven crew members were killed including social studies teacher Christa McAuliffe.

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