Bernopoly – Bernie Sanders’ version of Monopoly

Via Carpe Diem, here's how the famous game Monopoly would be played Bernie Sanders style (Socialism). Instead of the person with the most money winning, you play to see who goes broke first.

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My son Sam debuts his Easter outfit

Looking good for Easter Sam Hernly!

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Happy Easter!

Christ is risen! Hallelujah! May the miracle of Easter bring you renewed hope, faith, love and joy (and lots of chocolate...).

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David Letterman’s New Retirement Look

Seriously. This is David Letterman. Check out Letterman's new retirement look. Whoa...

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Cartoon of the Day – Professional Political Protests

Michael Ramirez, the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist from Investor's Business Daily hits the nail on the head with this cartoon on the recent political protests.

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Pentagon Erroneously Withheld Millions from Veterans

As a veteran, this action by the Pentagon makes me angry. Imagine the outrage if the federal government withheld welfare payments.

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Opinions and Facts about Penguins

My son Sam presented his 2nd grade class with these opinions and facts about penguins. Well done Sam!

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