Millennials are significantly more progressive than their parents

Good op/ed at the Washington Post on a topic I have blogged about before. Sadly though, millennials have little idea what socialism has meant for countries in the modern world. Click the link above to read it. Well worth a few minutes to explore the writers theory.

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CIA Director: ISIS was decimated under George W Bush

Obama administration's CIA Director John Brennan spoke on how ISIS was decimated under George W. Bush but, has grown 4400%+ during the Obama years.

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Convert or Die: Living in the Age of Trump

Great read on the passion of Donald J. Trump supporters from Erick Erickson at The Resurgent. Click the link above to read it. Well worth a few minutes.

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Obama: Government should have access to all your mobile devices

Um sorry but, no. In other words, president Obama believes in zero property rights. Speaking at the South by Southwest festival in Texas, the comments on mobile devices stemmed from a question on the recent Apple case. Read more about what he had to say at the link above.

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Expansion has ruined the ACC Tournament

Great read from John Feinstein at The Washington Post. I grew up on the ACC tournament and whole-heartedly agree on his sentiments in this piece. Well worth a few minutes of your time. Click the link above to read it.

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An open letter to Peyton Manning on his retirement…

Really great open letterĀ from Bob Kravitz at WTHR to Peyton Manning who announced his retirement from the NFL today. Thankfully Peyton is retiring before the game retired him - which happens all too often in the NFL. Click the link above to read it. It is well worth a few minutes.

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Bernie Sanders Proposes $15T in New Tax Increases

You didn't think Senator Bernie Sanders was going to give out all the free sh@t he has proposed without paying for it did you? You and I will be paying for it indeed...

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