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SNL Cold Open Blisters Belichick/Brady #DefalteGate

Saturday Night Live (SNL) opened this week’s show last night with a hilarious in-depth look at #DeflateGate, with a brand new Bill Belichick press conference in which the Coach continues to throw his star QB Tom Brady under the bus.


House of Cards 3rd Season Trailer

Are you as addicted this show as I am? Who doesn’t love a show about terrible politicians in Washington, D.C.? On February 27, the entire 3rd season of House of Cards will be available for viewing on NetFlix.

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One of My Favorite Stuart Scott ‘This is SportsCenter’ Commercials

So sad to hear of the passing of ESPN’s Stuart Scott this morning. ESPN’s been replaying Stuart’s ‘This is SportsCenter‘ ads. Here’s one of my favorites.

Rich Eisen Remember’s ESPN’s Stuart Scott

So sad to hear of the passing of ESPN’s Stuart Scott this morning. His longtime SportsCenter partner, Rich Eisen, gave a moving tribute today on NFL Network which I just finished watching.

The Washington Capitals Win Winter Classic in Closing Seconds

I have been sick as a dog the last couple of days but, nothing would be able to keep me from watching the 2015 Winter Classic and what a classic it was. The Washington Capitals held on to beat the Chicago Blackhawks on Troy Brouwer’s goal in the game’s final seconds. Get the recap at this link and watch the highlights above. A GREAT win that the team can build off of.

The Washington Capitals Lose a Close One in Long Island

The Washington Capitals, looking to continue their season on a positive note before the Winter Classic, looked flat for the first two+ periods last night against the New York Islanders (see video highlights above).

The Caps turned it on midway through the third to make what should have been an easy victory for the Isles into a close one. Sadly, Kuznetzov committed a serious high sticking penalty at the end of regulation that the Caps couldn’t overcome. One thing I noticed about the Islanders is they are real quick and skate really, really well. Kudos on the Caps for making it a close one.

Entourage Official Teaser Trailer

So glad that the boys are back (finally!) for ENTOURAGE, in theaters June 5th! Here’s the official teaser trailer…

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