Kerry Donley Thinks Voters Are Stupid

Last year, after the May Council elections, the Democrats in Alexandria (my hometown) were SO steamed that they lost two seats in the election. They tried (and failed) to challenge new Councilwoman Alicia Hughes’ eligibility to serve and the lame duck members along with many of the current Democrats on Council voted to move the […]

Reagan Sighting In Minnesota

No, it probably doesn’t come from the banks or the tea partiers. The photo below which shows Ronald Reagan next to the words ‘Remember Real Hope & Change?’ probably comes from the same folks who posted the ‘Miss Me Yet?’ George W. Bush billboard (which ended up being a group of small business owners in […]

Mark Levin @ The Reagan Library

The great one, Mark Levin, gave a fantastic speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation library last Friday as part of the foundations ‘A Reagan Forum’ series. It’s a fantastic speech and well worth the 70+ minutes of your time. For more information on the ongoing works of President Reagan’s Foundation, visit them online. If […]

What Style of Government Is Best?

In this day and age,┬áLiberals like to advocate how Government knows best when Conservatives like me advocate that the people know best. When Government is small, the people have more freedoms and more liberty. In the recent jobs report, one of the few spots where jobs are growing is in the Federal Government. Liberals in […]