Giant Food sign supporting the Navy Yard victims fund

Giant Food has stores all over the DMV. Here’s the sign I saw tonight entering the store in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Well done.

Here’s the link to donate to the Navy Yard Relief Fund referenced in the sign below to assist families affected by the recent Navy Yard shooting. I’ve made one. Please consider doing so if you can.

Thanks To Google Fiber, Kansas City Is Becoming A Technology Hub

Alexandria, Virginia lost out in its bid to get Google Fiber to Kansas City a couple of years ago. The Washington Post has an update on how it is going in Kansas City now that all of the holes are dug and people are getting connected at speeds 100x faster than what you’re used to.

Smack in the middle of the nation, this city is about as far as possible from the hubs of high-tech innovation on both coasts.

An effort last spring to excite new Web entrepreneurs in a place better known for cattle drives and barbecue sauce turned up just a dozen people.

Then Google blew into town.

The company, dominant in the virtual world, began digging actual holes in the ground and connected homes and businesses to Internet speeds 100 times faster than most Americans have ever seen.

Three months into Google’s much-publicized experiment, signs of new business life have emerged. Nick Budidharma, an 18-year-old game developer, drove with his parents from Hilton Head, S.C., to live in a “hacker home” that’s connected to Google’s Fiber broadband network. Synthia Payne uprooted from Denver and landed here to launch a start-up that aims to let musicians jam real-time online. That sleepy weekly gathering for Web entrepreneurs recently attracted a standing-room-only crowd of 260 busi­ness­peo­ple, investors and city officials.

Just as the move from dial-up modems to higher-speed Internet connections helped launch Netflix, Facebook and YouTube, policymakers and Google hope this next leap forward will breed a whole new slate of innovations.

Read more at this link.

Cartoon of the Day - Jim Moran's New Normal

The Obama campaign recently introduced their creepy “Life of Julia“ campaign piece that basically said that women are helpless without government programs.  Jim Moran believes you are helpless without the Government either.

Congressman Allen West explains this way of liberal thinking

“Conservatives believe that ever person who comes to America or is born here, they have a ladder that they are given as their birthright or becoming a citizen,” he said. “Sometimes you fall off of that ladder, but we believe that there is a safety net that is there, and that safety net is to catch you and get you to bounce back up and continue to climb on the ladder. That’s what conservatives believe.

“But liberals tend to believe that the safety net is a hammock, so you can stay there the rest of your life.”

(H/T Patrick Murray campaign & Gary Varvel)