Massachusetts, the model for Obamacare, has highest health costs in the United States

Via Instapundit, shocked? You shouldn't be. Remember when President Obama touted 'RomneyCare' as the model for 'ObamaCare'? And yet President Obama still promised that premiums would go down thanks to ObamaCare. Click the link in the title to read more.

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The Hypocrisy Over Obama’s Iranian Nuke Deal in One Tweet

150% true. What I would personally like to know is why wasn't the American Pastor, who has been jailed in Iran for over a year, part of the deal?

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Democrats Abandon the Term ‘ObamaCare’ (Video)

Via WFB, comes an excellent compilation of Democrats and the media embracing the term 'ObamaCare'. Remember when President Obama embraced the term? Not anymore due to the disastrous roll out.

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Oprah Winfrey: Racist, Old White People ‘Just Have to Die’

After telling the BBC last week that Americans hate Barack Obama because of racism (it couldn't possibly be because of his policies and a majority of Americans find him untruthful now could it be??), she doubles down. This time wishing old, white people would die. Oprah loves playing the race card. Remember when Oprah lied about a racist shopping incident in Switzerland?

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Car Maintenance And/Or Car Insurance Costing You More? Blame ObamaCare

Nice catch from the Political Outcast blog. Read why at this link why your car maintenance and insurance is going up thanks to ObamaCare.

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President Obama Commemorates 60th Anniversary of Korean War Armistice (Video)

Slate Magazine breaks down the difference between an Armistice and a Treaty.

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Even If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Something to Fear

Great read at from former Congressman Bob Barr. Click this link to read it.

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