Hundreds of Homeland Security Badges, Guns, Phones Go Missing

Nothing to see here, move along. What is the potential damage these missing Homeland Security items could do in the wrong hands? Click the link above to read about it.

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The National Debt Has Topped $18 Trillion – Risen 70% in Last Six

The National Debt has reached a new historic mark - $18T and has risen 70% in the last 6 years. Haven't we committed enough fiscal child abuse on our kids?

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Amtrak Tweets at Everyone Not Just Joe Biden

An excellent report on how Amtrak is using social media to provide great customer service. Click the link above to read it thank you.

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Cyber Security Expert: ObamaCare Website ‘Much Worse Off’ Now (Video)

It's only $600 Million plus of our tax dollars down the drain. God help anyone who posts their personal information on the website for all the world to see.

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Poll: Only 25% of Americans Support Government’s Ban on Light Bulbs

In Obama's America, the light bulb is banned and pot is legalized. How screwed up is the country becoming? REMINDER: You can buy incandescent bulbs at this link. Get them before they're gone!

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Brian Williams Blames George Bush For Al Qaeda Comeback in Iraq (Video)

The warped mind of a Liberal like Brian Williams on full display. Al Qaeda's resurgence COULDN'T POSSIBLY be the fault of President Obama and his failed status of forces agreement with Iraq now could it? Via Newsbusters Introducing a report on Monday’s NBC Nightly News about Al-Qaeda forces seizing control of the Iraqi city of [...]

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The Failed 50 Year War on Poverty

Great read from National Review on the government's war on poverty which started 50 years ago today. This failed war is a glaring example of how government at any level, can't possibly know or do what's best for the individual. For example, President Obama's policies have led to record poverty. Click this link to read [...]

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