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Survivor’s Story from #WDBJ Shooting

ABC News with a really great piece on Vicki Gardner, the survivor from the recent WDBJ shooting in the Smith Mountain Lake area of Virginia.

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Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle to Plead Guilty on Child Porn Charges

Subway has severed all ties with spokesman Jared Fogle based on recent child pornography allegations.

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‘The Wire’ Creator Blames Bill Clinton for Mass Incarceration of Blacks

In an interview, the creator of HBO’s The Wire, David Simon, criticized former President Bill Clinton for the mass incarceration of black men in prisons. Click the link in the title to read the interview.

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US Marine Chattanooga

Marine Wounded in Chattanooga Shooting Back at Work

This Marine wounded in the Chattanooga shooting exemplifies the principles & values of the Corps. Ooorah Marine!

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Murder Rates Soar in Baltimore – Highest in 43 Years

Sad to see this happening to Baltimore, MD, my Mom’s hometown, and a place I lived for a few years.

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Detroit VA Hospital Like a ‘Third World Country’ Say Protesters

Whenever I see something like this, it makes me mad. As a vet, I could have FREE medical care however, I know how badly screwed up VA medical care is and choose to get medical insurance from my employer. Donald Trump says he wants to help vets. Where is his plan to make things better […]

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Pope Francis’ Favorability Rating Plummets in America After Statements

Another example of why Pope Francis ought to stay out of political issues and politicians should steer clear of religion.

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