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Atlantic City New Jersey Stabilizes After State Takeover

I’m not a fan of a state taking over local government or local schools but, after years of not keeping up with the changing times, Atlantic City (where my wife’s Mother is from) was in desperate need. Nice to see the City has stabilized, for now.


The Left’s Politics of Destruction

Nancy Pelosi and The Democrats are blaming the GOP for the tragic shooting in my hometown of Alexandria, Virginia. Is that really true? The Five’s Greg Gutfeld explains why that is a lie and why the Democrats own the phrase ‘politics of destruction’.

This is spot on. Enjoy!


CNN’s War with Donald Trump Brings Out the Media Bias

Great read from Ben Domenech at The Federalist on CNN’s ongoing war with president Donald Trump. I used to stomach watching CNN at work until election day. Post-election, CNN has turned so anti-Trump, it’s become unwatchable as the ratings attest.