Cam Newton brings race into Super Bowl 50

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers says people criticize him because he's black. I guess he doesn't know about the Washington Redskins Doug Williams?

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One 2015 Super Bowl Commercial You’ll Be Talking About Monday #BestBuds

Budweiser continues to churn out really good commercials year after year, including this one titled 'Lost Dog' for Super Bowl XLIX in 2015.

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My Favorite Super Bowl Halftime Show

My favorite Super Bowl halftime show dates back to 2002 when U2 performed at Super Bowl XXXVI.

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The Washington Redskins Have More Problems Than the Team Name

The bounty lawsuit which names the Washington Redskins as a defendant moves forward.

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The St. Louis Rams Draftee The Media Won’t Mention to You

You're going to hear a lot about Michael Sam in the media but, what about the kid used to work as a janitor at the stadium where the team plays? Crickets... Good catch by Kevin Jackson and great story.

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Check Out Budweiser’s Ad For Super Bowl XLVIII (Video)

Wow. Great job by Budweiser here for Sunday's BIG game. If only more companies would produce positive messages like this.

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U2 at Super Bowl XXXVI Halftime Show (Video) #FlashbackFriday

From 2002, IMHO, the best halftime show of the last couple of decades.

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