Cartoon of the Day – Professional Political Protests

Michael Ramirez, the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist from Investor's Business Daily hits the nail on the head with this cartoon on the recent political protests.

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Does Bernie Sanders Even Know What Democratic Socialism Is?

Senator Bernie Sanders at this week's Democratic Party debate touted Democratic Socialism in places like Denmark but, as Kevin Williamson points out at the link above, it's not as great as what he makes it out to be.

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Fact Check: Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders on Policy and Proposals #DemDebate

The Associated Press (AP) does a good job here fact checking how Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were good at revising history (lying) about things they've said, done, and proposed at last night's Democratic Debate.

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DNC Chair Called Out Over Lack of Diversity on 2016 Ticket #DemDebate

Fusion's Jorge Ramos asks DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz about the lack of diversity on stage at last night's debate.

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Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Terrorists are Winning Against the U.S. in War on Terror

This really isn't surprising at all given the little amount of effort this administration has put toward the war on terror which has allowed ISIS to continue to grow.

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Bernie Sanders Style Socialism Not Working Well in Venezuela

This is what happens when you let government get too big and run amok in a country. Bernie Sanders wants this for the United States.

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Can DNC Members Name One Mistake President Obama Has Made in Office?

I'm surprised none of the DNC members had the guts to at least mention the myriad of lies president Obama told surrounding the implementation of ObamaCare.

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