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CNN Goes Full on Donald Trump #Trumpgasm

I wonder if (CNN (a.k.a the Clinton News Network) has said Hillary Clinton's name 239 times in 1 day like they did with Donald Trump last week? Doubtful.

The Muppets on ABC – Official Trailer

As you may or may not know, The Muppets are coming back to ABC after 19 years. Here's your first look.

Jon Stewart Skewers Tom Brady Over #DeflateGate

Jon Stewart got pretty emotional last night on The Daily Show when speaking about the Wells Report implicating Tom Brady on DeflateGate. This is really good.

Jimmy Fallon, Madonna, and The Roots Sing ‘Holiday’

I LOVE when the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon does one of these. Here, Madonna stops by the Tonight Show Music Room to perform her classic song "Holiday."

SNL Cold Open Blisters Belichick/Brady #DeflateGate

Saturday Night Live (SNL) opened this week’s show last night with a hilarious in-depth look at #DeflateGate. Enjoy!