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When Larry The Cable Guy Met Sarah Palin – Well Sort Of (Video)

A hilarious video and story from Larry The Cable Guy who is a very funny comedian about when Larry and his camera crew were up in Alaska and decided to visit Sarah Palin’s house without an invite. The video comes from his guest hosting stint yesterday on Regis and Kelly.

Notice how Kelly tries to throw in the ‘I can see Russia from my house’ quote (which Sarah NEVER said)?

So Glad Parenthood Is Back! (Video)

Glad to see Parenthood back on the air on NBC for a new season. Welcome back Braverman’s! Related articles NBC Renews ‘Parenthood’ & ’30 Rock’( Updated...

SNL Takes On The TSA (Video)

Saturday Night Live, in a very funny parody this past weekend, takes on the TSA body-scan/pat-down debacle that has the whole country talking.