Happy Earth Day 2016! (Video)

On this Earth Day, here's a great rant from Comedian George Carlin on Saving the Planet. *WARNING - STRONG LANGUAGE*

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Ted Cruz for President ‘Opportunity’ (Video)

Outstanding new ad 'Opportunity' from the Ted Cruz campaign for President airing now in Wisconsin.

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NewsBusted 03/29/2016 (Video)

In this episode of NewsBusted, Jodie Miller gives her comedic takes on ISIS, Obama in Cuba and Argentina, Bernie Sanders, Sarah Palin, and more!

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Robin Williams Explains Golf (Video)

Robin Williams, one of the great comedy legends, explains how golf got started in Scotland. A very funny short bit from the 2002 time frame. Enjoy!

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The Obama Tango (Video)

Via WFB, this is their best 'Supercuts' yet. While Brussels, Belgium was attacked, President Obama watched baseball with Raul Castro in Cuba and did the tango in Argentina.

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Give Me Jesus (Video)

On this Easter Sunday, here's a GREAT rendition from 2012 of 'Give Me Jesus' from the Indiana Wesleyan University Chorale I found on YouTube.

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A Progressive’s Guide to Political Correctness

Via Prager University, Washington Post Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will imagines what a perfect politically correct universe would look like.

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