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Sen. Mark Warner: Congress Mandating Purchase of Health Insurance Like Medicaid and Driver’s License (Video)

Nicholas Ballasy of has been doing a fantastic job recently of quizzing our nations leaders on just where in the Consitution does it allow for the U.S. Government to require as federal law a mandate that individuals MUST have health insurance.

You won’t find ANYONE in the Main (some would say Lame) Stream Media doing this.

Nicholas has quizzed folks like Senator Burris, Senator Akaka, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Nelson, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, and more. Now, he has turned his attention to our carpet-bagger U.S. Senator Mark Warner from Virginia.

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) tells Terry that Congress’ constitutional authority to require individuals to buy health insurance is like Medicaid, Medicare and states requiring driver’s licenses.

The Way We Get By (Video)

Definitely a MUST SEE movie on my to do list: Approximately 75% of all U.S. troops going to and returning home from Iraq travel through Bangor,...


Watch the U2 Concert Webcast (Video)

You can watch the rebroadcast of U2’s performance from last night’s Rose Bowl concert on the band’s official YouTube channel. Highlights from the tour are above.

The band has also announced new concert dates in the US in 2010.

Aide: Bush Abandoned Reaganism

Matt Latimer, a top speechwriter for President Bush, tells Newsmax TV’s Kathleen Walter that traditional conservatism disappeared in the Bush White House. Duh.