CNN Mocks IRS For The Lost Lois Lerner Emails (Video)

When you've lost a Liberal journalist like John King on CNN, that says a lot.


CNN’s Dana Bash Thinks Virginians are Anti-Semitic (Video)

CNN's Dana Bash, since Eric Cantor lost, thinks voters in Virginia's 7th District are anti-Semitic and against Jews, what say you?

President Reagan Speaks on Flag Day and Father’s Day (Video)

This is one of my favorite speeches by President Reagan. Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day!

Former Marine Stuns Crowd With Fourth Verse of Star Spangled Banner (Video)

This has been floating around the internet for sometime and is terrific to listen to especially on Flag Day. What you didn't know there was a fourth verse?

Happy Father’s Day!

Jim Valvano Father's Day
Today on Father's Day, and every day, I think about my Dad. My father taught me that life isn’t about money, the car you drive, or how big your house is; it’s about family, friends, and trying to be the best husband, dad, and man you can be. Being a father, and husband, is a blessing from God. I didn’t think I could love anyone this much or be willing to go to the ends of the earth for someone, but once you become a husband and father that all changes. Dad, I love you. Thank you for being my Dad.

iPhone 6 Reportedly Launching Sooner Than Expected

The long-awaited rumors of a bigger iPhone may be coming to market sooner than expected. Click this link to read the latest news on iPhone 6.