Tweet of the Day on Seahawks Richard Sherman

One of these is a loud mouth thug, and the other is a great football player.” — Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) January 27, 2014 Outstanding.

Mitt Romney Slow Jams The News w/ Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Mitt Romney was on Jimmy Fallon last night and took a turn at slow jamming the news of President Obama's upcoming 2014 State of the Union address. Jimmy got in some jabs at the Governor. Very funny stuff. You can see the rest of the Governor's interview at this link and this link too.

Why Reporters Shouldn’t Be on College Campuses With Lots of Snow (Video)

I don't think CNN's Jason Carroll was expecting this to happen during a live shot on AC360 last night from New York.

Winter of 2013/2014 is The Coldest Since 1979

So far, this winter is the coldest since 1979 in the US — Steve Goddard (@SteveSGoddard) January 22, 2014 Brr…

Cyber Security Expert: ObamaCare Website ‘Much Worse Off’ Now (Video)

It's only $600 Million plus of our tax dollars down the drain. God help anyone who posts their personal information on the website for all the world to see.