Video: ‘Act Of Valor’ Trailer

The film ‘Act of Valor‘ was filmed with real Navy Seals and military members. The film looks cool and is definitely on my must see list. What about you?

It’s A Wonderful Newt (Video)

Via Fox Nation, a look back at one of Chris Farley’s classic, hilarious portrayals of the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Could We See A Gingrich/Rubio Ticket? (Video)

From last night’s Republican debate in Florida where Speaker Newt Gingrich is asked if he’d consider Senator Marco Rubio as a running mate.

R.I.P. Robert “Epstein” Hegyes

One of my favorite scenes featuring Epstein in Welcome Back Kotter. Thank you for the laughs Juan.

Video: Simply Amazing YouTube Stats

Uploads to YouTube:  One hour of video every second. 9 months every two hours. A decade every day. A century every 10 days. YouTube Views per day: 4 billion. (H/T Carpe Diem)

Cats On iPads – A New Use For The iPad? (Video)

Cats on iPads. These cats are real geeks. Exit question: What is the app in the video with the mouse going around the screen? I’d like to try it out on my 2 cats.