Siri Improvements In iOS 6 (Video)

LOVE Siri on the iPhone (and now iPad). Apple Fan Site goes over the improvements that have been made to Siri. The improvements include local search, Sports, Twitter & Facebook updates.

Mitt Romney’s New Virginia Ad: First 100 Days (Video)

National Journal reports that the Mitt Romney campaign has released several targeted ads for important battleground states like Virginia. This one takes a look at what the former Governor would do in his first 100 days.

The Difference Between Wide Receiver And Fast & Furious (Video)

The Obama administration says that George Bush started Fast & Furious as the Obama administration operation was identical to Bush’s (it wasn’t as Moe Lane points out at RedState). So, how are they different? I could write a long post about it but, The Right Scoop has a great video from Rush Limbaugh explaining the differences in great detail.

Flashback: What Joe ‘Plugs’ Biden Thought About ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate (Video)

Via Buzzfeed, during an appearance at a 2008 forum on health care reform, our current VP gives his thoughts on ObamaCare’s individual mandate and calls it ‘a mandated socialistic system.’

Software Glitch Caused Twitter Outage Yesterday (Video)

Via Newsy, Twitter says a cascading bug in its software infrastructure took the service offline for hours on Thursday.