Thomas Friedman Goes After The Jews

Chuck Todd Flips the Bird On Live TV (Video)

Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters writes: On Morning Joe today, Chuck Todd was seen flipping the bird as the show went to break and he waited to come onto the set. Hat tip reader Ray R. In defense of the NBC political director, he might well have been operating under the assumption that his off-set antics would not be televised. Since MSNBC MSDNC suspended Mark Halperin for referring to President Obama Read More...

Jon Huntsman/Newt Gingrich Lincoln-Douglas Debate (Video)

This was a pretty good debate. I caught the re-broadcast on C-Span at 8:00 p.m. (C-Span Video can be found at this link). Jazz Shaw at HotAir has a great debate wrap summarizing the whole debate but, let me say it is well worth your time to watch it in it’s entirety.

Returning soldier surprises kids going to see Santa. Having just taken my son to see Santa this weekend, this was awesome to watch.

The Institute For Justice – Litigating For Liberty.  The Institute for Justice advances a rule of law under which individuals can control their destinies as free and responsible members of society. Their mission is to make the world around you a better place by defending the ideals that makes America so awesome. If you can, consider donating at this link. (Source:

Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire. Dale Carnegie

The Digital Story of the Nativity. (Source: