Court Rules Police Can Search Cell Phones Without Warrant

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin Via Drudge, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Police can search your cell phone without a warrant. Privacy? What privacy…

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High Gas Prices Raising Airline Fares

The cost of flying is going up: For many Americans, the lamentation of rising gas costs is nothing new. It’s an everyday reality to see prices at the pump going up. But now, those looking to get away from it all may encounter further troubles doing so, thanks to gas price hikes that have the […]

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Amazing: Baby Found Alive 10 Miles From Home

I have read this story three times about the recent set of tornadoes in Indiana and still cannot believe it. Via the New York Post: Authorities are trying to untwist the mystery of how a baby girl ripped away from her family in a tornado ended up 10 miles from her home. The blonde, blue-eyed […]

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Caps Had Bad Night Last Night But David Setoguchi’s Was Worse (Video)

The Caps were blasted last night at home by New Jersey but, David Setoguchi had a worse night against the Canadiens with the worst shootout attempt ever. (Video via YouTube Trends)

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Why Are We Still Paying For Fannie & Freddie? (Video)

President Obama says we should end tax credits for oil companies. Hillary Clinton says we should end the credits and impose a windfall profits tax on them. So why does the Government force taxpayers to continue to pay billions of dollars to prop up and defend Fannie & Freddie?

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How To Be Prepared For A BIG Storm

Via Intapundit, a great list at on how to be prepared for a BIG storm like those that hit the Midwest and South this week.

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Android Phones Can Download Your Photo Library Too (Video)

Earlier this week, I posted about how iPhones, iPads, etc had a privacy issue concerning your photos. Turns out Android phones are just as bad, maybe worse.

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