Flashback: When The White House Press Corps Interrupted President Reagan (Video)

Much has been made over the last week or so about reporter Neil Munro over at the Daily Caller interrupting President Obama during his remarks on immigration. I thought to myself that Mr. Munro’s actions were out of line but, one could understand Mr. Munro’s point that he thought the President was finishing his remarks. The Democrats didn’t take it that way and fled like cockroaches to MSNBC to say Read More...

Students Rally To Sing God Bless The USA Since Evil Principal Won’t Let Them (Video)

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Good for them. Via Fox News Insider One New York school became the center of a nationwide controversy when the principal refused to let students sing “God Bless the USA” at graduation. Well, some of the students couldn’t be stopped, and they held a rally to sing the song and profess their patriotism!

Andrea Mitchell’s Dishonest Mitt Romney Smear (Video)

NBC News & MSNBC was caught red-handed selectively editing George Zimmerman’s 911 tape, selectively editing Rick Perry’s remarks, and now once again has been caught red handed. This time smearing Mitt Romney as out of touch. Via The Right Scoop MSNBC has been caught red handed before misleading people before by selectively editing George Zimmerman’s 911 call, but apparently they didn’t learn. Now they are selectively editing Mitt Romney, completely taking him Read More...

Happy Father’s Day! (Video)

Happy Father's Day! and sweet rememberance of all the Dads who've passed.