What Does A Cell Ringtone Sound Like Via An Orchestra? (Video)

How would different cell phone  (T-Mobile, HTC, AT & T, Nokia, Sony, iPhone, etc) ringtones sound when an orchestra played them?  CDZA wondered as well in a new musical experiment video. If you’re not following CDZA on YouTube, why not? (Video via YouTube Trends)

New Mitt Romney Ad ‘Doing Fine?’ (Video)

Great new ad put out by the Mitt Romney team showing just how out of touch President Obama is when it comes to reality about the economy. The ads are getting shorter in length and the message is crisper. I believe this is the first TV ad for Romney. The ad hits the President hard using his own words against him. Well done.

How Taxpayers Foot The Bill So President Obama Can Party w/ Sarah Jessica Parker

In case you were wondering why President Obama visited the World Trade Center yesterday, it’s so you can pay for his trip to Sarah Jessica Parker’s house. Obama’s not the first President to do this.

President Obama Chows Down @ Kenny’s BBQ – Leaves Without Paying Tab

Deadbeat? Did President Obama feel entitled to the ribs? In any case, a great example to set for Father’s Day. Via ABC News Amid the bustle of President Obama’s surprise stop for barbecue Wednesday the White House apparently overlooked one key detail: the bill. Celebrating Father’s Day early, the president had lunch with two service members and two local barbers at Kenny’s BBQ on Capitol Hill. As the group chatted Read More...