R.I.P. Robert “Epstein” Hegyes

One of my favorite scenes featuring Epstein in Welcome Back Kotter. Thank you for the laughs Juan.

Video: Simply Amazing YouTube Stats

Uploads to YouTube:  One hour of video every second. 9 months every two hours. A decade every day. A century every 10 days. YouTube Views per day: 4 billion. (H/T Carpe Diem)

Cats On iPads – A New Use For The iPad? (Video)

Cats on iPads. These cats are real geeks. Exit question: What is the app in the video with the mouse going around the screen? I’d like to try it out on my 2 cats.

The New York Giants Prayer (Video)

As a Redskins fan, even though I hate the Giants with a passion, this video is pretty awesome. Something tells me this video is gonna go viral.