Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Say Thank You To The Cast & Crew At Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Say thank you to the cast and crew of Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Unreal how the press gives him a pass on this. When George Bush wanted to raise the debt ceiling, President Obama called it ‘a failure of leadership.‘ Even George Bush didn’t raise it as high as Obama has in less than one term and Bush was a terrible President economically.

Great New Karl Rove Ad On Debbie ‘Downer’ Wasserman Schultz (Video)

The video makes a complete fool out of her using her own words against her.

Via Jamie Dupree on Twitter:

The HILARIOUS Aaron Rodgers & B.J. Raji State Farm Commercial (Video)

The new commercial from State Farm titled ‘State of Imitation 2′ featuring B.J. Raji and Aaraon Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is utterly hilarious especially when the actor standing furthest to the right says ‘Raji drop it.’ It kind of reminds of this Sprint/Nextel commercial of a few years ago. Enjoy.