The HILARIOUS Aaron Rodgers & B.J. Raji State Farm Commercial (Video)

The new commercial from State Farm titled ‘State of Imitation 2′ featuring B.J. Raji and Aaraon Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is utterly hilarious especially when the actor standing furthest to the right says ‘Raji drop it.’ It kind of reminds of this Sprint/Nextel commercial of a few years ago. Enjoy.

Great read from the always fantastic Tim Carney at the Washington Examiner on why Jon Huntsman’s struggling to connect with voters. Well worth a read.

I glossed over Jon Huntsman early on, called him ‘Obama’s pal‘ and all that and was backing Rick Perry early on but you know what? Jon Huntsman is the real deal and wants to keep this great country of ours strong. This ad is running in New Hampshire right now. Click this link to help keep it on the air.

Very interesting news that Apple is going to challenge (bid against) Sky News, ESPN, and Al Jazeera on TV rights for EPL games in Europe. (H/T Ted’s Take)

Video: Billy Crystal’s Back! New Oscars Trailer Released

The one-minute video follows Josh Duhamel and the sultry Meghan Fox as they seek out “the one they call ‘The Host.’” They travel far and wide, encounter Robin Williams, and end up in Mongolia (where the heck is Mongolia again?). Enjoy.

Tony Blankley, a noted conservative author and commentator, passed away on Saturday. My deepest condolence to Tony Blankley’s family and friends.