In this NFL Red Zone video, listen to how Tim Tebow leads his team against Da Bears. In addition to having a monster quarterback rating after the third quarter and a pretty good D, he’s a good leader on the field as well. (H/T (Source:

He’s been consistent since he changed his mind. Christine O’Donnell (While she was endorsing Mitt Romney.) “NEWT GINGRICH” — a Bad Lip Reading Soundbite – watch more funny videos Via Legal Insurrection, this Newt Gingrinch Funny or Die video really made my sides split I was laughing so hard. (Source:

Rush Limbaugh was on Greta Van Susteren’s show last night on Fox where he tore into President Obama. (Source:

Thomas Friedman Goes After The Jews

Chuck Todd Flips the Bird On Live TV (Video)

Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters writes: On Morning Joe today, Chuck Todd was seen flipping the bird as the show went to break and he waited to come onto the set. Hat tip reader Ray R. In defense of the NBC political director, he might well have been operating under the assumption that his off-set antics would not be televised. Since MSNBC MSDNC suspended Mark Halperin for referring to President Obama Read more...